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Welcome, I am Max Bussell, founder of BWR&R (UK). 

Having owned Weimaraners for over 26 years my love and admiration for this breed grows daily.


Over 10 years ago, I met my first 'Blue' - wow what a stunner. When we sadly lost our Grey Ghost a few years later, we could not bear the thought of replacing him with another Grey. This was when I made the decision to explore the idea of owning a Blue Weimaraner. After extensive research into the breed itself and comprehensive inspection of recognised breeders throughout the UK, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a reputable breeder through a mutual friend.


In May 2015, we welcomed our wonderful boy 'Freddy' into our lives and my love for Blue Weimaraners has grown and grown ever since.

Unfortunately, despite being registered as 'colour un-recognised' many do not accept these Blues as legitimate Weimaraners. As such there are no specific rescue or rehoming organisations for the Blues, as there are for the Greys. Owners were being forced to use general rescue organisations or use social media advertising to rehome their unwanted Blue Weimaraners, meaning many of these stunning dogs were being rehomed inappropriately and ultimately being left vulnerable.

In September 2018, I was approached by a friend in the Weimaraner community to assist in the rehoming of a Blue. Following the resounding success of this, I decided I wanted to do more, and so began BWR&R (UK).

The aim of BWR&R (UK) is to match each Blue Wiemaraner who is surrendered to us, with the most suitable adopter who can offer a safe, secure and loving forever home. Each dog and applicant is assessed on a case by case basis. 

There are numerous reasons why dogs are rehomed and we want to ensure that each Blue or Grey Weimaraner surrendered to us for rehoming is placed with the best applicant; one that will invest in the dog’s specific training and needs. Adjustment to a new environment with plenty of time and love will ensure that both dog and owner build a strong, lasting relationship, resulting in a forever life together, after adoption.

Please remember, it is not about first come, first served. Each dog will be matched with the appropriate applicant that we feel fit best.



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See my success story here!


See my success story here!


See my success story here!


See my success story here!


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