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more commonly known as ‘BLOAT'

This is a life-threatening condition, which requires emergency treatment and there is an incidence of it in this breed. Ask your vet to tell you how to recognise it.

The WCGB recommend that you feed your dog, when adult, twice a day in order not to overload the stomach.

Pre-soak dry food before feeding.

Don't feed immediately before or after exercising.

Don't allow your dog to drink large quantities of water just before, during or just after exercising (small quantities are OK).

Learn more about GDV here 

MCT (Mast Cell Tumours/Cancer)

Mast cell tumours are common among all dogs, both pedigree and mixed breeds, however the Animal Health Trust is investigating what they believe to be a genetic predisposition in the Weimaraner based on evidence that there would seem to be a particularly high incidence of this form of cancer in the breed.

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