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There are many reasons why people have to rehome their dogs for adoption. Whatever, the reasoning, we will guarantee you that your dog will be taken care of. We have very stringent screening procedures in place to ensure your Weimaraner is placed with the best and most appropriate applicant possible. We involve you in the adoption process to ensure you are 100% happy with your dog's new home.


If you are thinking of surrendering your dog for adoption, please contact us so that we can help and guide you through the process.


  • We arrange a home visit to meet your family and pets

  • We will assess the dog within the home environment (where possible)

  • We discuss the potential homes with you

  • You complete the rescue Release Form

  • We obtain all information on your dog and photos

  • We post the dog on our website and across our social media platforms for potential applicants to apply

  • Suitable applicants complete our Eligibility Questionnaires

  • We then arrange a meet with applicants, their family and dog(s). All are assessed throughout the meet and this is a great opportunity for you/them to ask any questions

  • If BWR&R(UK) approve the applicant, you, as the owner, then decide if you will allow the applicants to rehome your dog

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