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Life With a Weimaraner

As a potential owner of a rescue Weimaraner, you need to know exactly what you and your family are letting yourselves in for.  We aim to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. We hope to encourage you to take on the very rewarding challenge of owning a rescue Weimaraner, whilst also highlighting the challenges that you may face.

Willful but sometimes willing to please

Exceedingly loyal & sometimes possessive

Immensely intelligent & incredibly stubborn

Misses his owner dreadfully if left alone

Accepts discipline readily with patience, but…….

Rules the roost if allowed

Adjusts your lifestyle beyond all recognition

Needs a stable & loving home environment

Energetic exercise for mind & body is essential

Regards himself as being superior in every way


Cool, aloof and snobbish towards strangers, Weimaraners can be demanding and strong willed, as well as being possessive - therefore it is imperative that owners establish themselves as the LEADER as soon as possible. Once this hierarchy becomes established, Weimaraners will become your devoted best friend for life.

Weimaraners are quick thinking, intelligent creatures, who are proud and dominant in nature. They have the ability to quickly discover who in their family is to be respected and who can be manipulated and/or treated with contempt.

They are excellent house dogs who respond readily to intelligent handling. However, when left alone for long periods of time they can become noisy and/or destructive and resentful.


Whilst being affectionate and loving, they can also be infuriating at times - as often as he wishes to please you, he will just as readily ‘please himself’ at the drop of a hat.


Weimaraners adapt easily to children if brought up with them. However, they must be made to understand that as part of the family pack, they rank below the children.


Unique breed characteristics are not easy to describe as they have total devotion to their owner. Think ‘Velcro’ - gone are the days of being able to visit the toilet alone!


Weimaraners can almost talk with their beautiful eyes and expressive faces and they absolutely feel that they are part of your family.


Weimaraners are NOT bred as guard dogs and should never be encouraged to do so, even though he will have an instinct for this.


Physical requirements: 

  • Well fenced garden

  • Free running

  • Continual disciplined exercise


Mentally, he requires careful, patient training, consistently delivered. He must be taught to follow the rules of your home - not those he makes for himself - which he will, if not deterred.


An under exercised, untrained, unoccupied Weimaraner is a potential recipe for disaster! Homes can be redesigned, bins ransacked, furniture wrecked and gardens destroyed.


Much about this beautiful breed is something of a challenge. He has such a 'get up and go' personality.  You need to be two steps ahead at all times, otherwise his 'get and gone' instinct will take over.

He is not the dog for everyone, and he is certainly not, nor should he ever be regarded as a commercial proposition. The rewards of taking him on are immense, not least the knowledge that you are giving a home to a Weimaraner in need.

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